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Guaranteed Pass

Our Guaranteed Pass plan is the best value for your money.

Our teaching experience illustrates that too many students want to go for a road test even though they are not fully prepared. We advise them to take additional lessons in order to become fully aware of the rules of the road and to develop their safe driving skills.

Our school of highly qualified teachers and instructors will help you learn safe practices through our Guaranteed Pass Program.

Guaranteed Pass means that you get a quote from our school including the MTO course, extra driving lessons and the use of the school car for the road test. The Guaranteed Pass Program offers you unlimited driving lessons until you become competent driver able to pass the road test!

What guaranteed pass means?
Guaranteed Pass means that you pay a price until you pass your road test for G2 or G licenses.

What’s the price of the guaranteed pass?
Depends on your driving. Same applicants may have experience from back home, same never drive and they are very scared and un-experienced. Guaranteed Pass Plan start $750.

How can I now for my self how much money is going to cost me?
Our instructor is going to test you for two lessons (60 $) and give you the quotation, the amount of 60 $ that you paid is going to be discount at the total price if you sign the agreement with the school.

If I do not agree to get the Guaranteed Pass can I have lessons with my instructor?
YES. This is an option that school is giving to you.

Can I get the Guaranteed Pass if I fail a road test?
Anytime you can ask the school to give you a quotation for the Guaranteed Pass.

Do I have to pay the entire amount at one time?
No, you have to pay the entire amount before the first road test. Maximum three payments.

Do I have to pay the instructor or the school?
All service goes through North York Driving School. The school is not responsible for any other agreement between student and instructor.

What if the school is sold to a new owner after I sign the Guaranteed Pass plan?
The previous owner who signs the agreement is responsible to you. The new owner is not responsible for the agreement.

What happens if I can not keep the payment schedule?
You loose what you paid we are no longer responsible.

What about the extra lessons do I have to pay for those?
NO. You don’t pay for your extra lessons until you pass the road test.

When I go for the road test do I have to pay for using the school car?
NO. You don’t pay for using the school car until you pass the road test.

Is the Ministry road test fee included in the price I paid?
NO. You always pay the Ministry fee before booking the next road test.

How many times can I go for road test with the guaranteed pass?
Unlimited, until you pass your road test.

How many lessons can I have in one month?
You have to take minimum four lessons per month to hold the agreement with the school; you can’t say that you can’t drive, the more you practice the better driver you become.

Can I have more than two lessons?
YES. Up to 15, talk to your instructor to arrange this.

What happen if I cancel the lesson the same day?
A charge of 20 $ will be applied. Some exceptions may apply.

Who is going to decide if I am ready to go for road test?
Your instructor will tell you when you are ready to go the road test.

Can I ask my instructor to go and try the road test?
NO. The instructor is going to tell you when you are ready for road test. If you want to use the school car for YOUR road test you have to pay an extra 200$.

How often can I go for road test if I fail the first test?
Is a minimum 10 days waiting period to go for another road test Ministry request.

If I leave the country for a long time, can I continue the agreement when I come back?
YES. An extra charge will apply because you are not going to drive this time.

Can the school break the agreement and what is going to happen with my payment?
YES. Only if the instructor sees that you are not serious during the lessons or at the road test. You are going to have back the amount left after the school collect max 30$ per lesson and max 150$ per each road test that you have taken.

If I want to stop the agreement after I paid the full amount?
You are going to get back the amount left after the school collect 50$ per lesson and 250$ per each road test you used the school car plus MTO course which is non-refundable.